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Consumer & Retail Practice

This is the most competitive, complex business sector on the planet. It embraces exclusive labels, household brand names and lightning-fast changes in trends. It's local, regional and global. It's the high-energy, highly volatile consumer and retail sector.

From French mineral water on tables in New York or Sydney to the most exclusive shoes, hand-made in Tuscany and shown in the windows of Tokyo's Ginza district, passing through clinically tested cosmetics, now openly labeled as ''Made in China'': this is the world of Consumer Goods.

In this world, major investments cost millions - if not more - and companies are vitally dependent on the business judgment and street savvy of key leaders.

IIC Partners and its worldwide Consumer & Retail Practice Group help leading companies find the world-class talent they need to win. Our specialized and experienced consultants have the functional expertise to clearly understand our clients' industries and their business needs. IIC Partners' Consumer and Retail team also understand the issues of diverse cultures and markets, providing discernment and value-added counseling in the selection of new talents.

IIC Partners' Consumer & Retail Practice Group provides specialized care for executive search mandates covering general management, marketing, finance, business development and supply chain management in the areas of:

Consumer, Durable & Packaged Goods
Consumer Services
Entertainment, Media & Sport
Leisure, Travel & Hospitality
Luxury & Branded Apparel

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