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Board Search Practice

New laws and regulations, worldwide, make it clear that the selection of non-executive directors is now subject to sharply higher standards of diligence and transparency.

At a minimum, publicly traded companies are being told they must:

Set high and clear standards for the skills, knowledge and experience of new non-executive directors;

Evaluate all director candidates rigorously against those criteria; and,

Follow up with effective programs for the induction and training of new non-executive directors.

It’s equally clear that the use of credible third-party search professionals can greatly increase the scope, transparency and quality of your board-level search, while serving to demonstrate a commitment to due diligence on behalf of shareholders.

IIC Partners’ Board Search Practice Group is structured to help clients understand governance issues locally, regionally and globally— and to find the board-level talent to steward success. Our core team of established practitioners is positioned worldwide, with access at the levels of influence where top-flight directors are found.

Our Board Search Practice Group understands the vital importance of corporate and local culture in placing directors who will help to shape the direction and future of our client companies. Equally importantly, we are committed to finding the person who will bring a balance of diverse perspectives and business acumen to a team of corporate directors.

Our Practice Group is composed of search professionals selected for their depth of experience in this demanding specialty. They’re led by a Core Team positioned worldwide to support all IIC Partners offices in this strategic and essential business activity and to assist our clients in understanding and meeting the latest requirements in all jurisdictions.

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