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Infrastructure Practice

The world’s leading nations are poised to renew their vital public infrastructure. At the same time, the largest emerging markets are vaulting into the 21st Century with massive infrastructure investments.

In all these trillions of dollars worth of projects, the first requirement is to assemble financial and technical acumen. IIC Partners’ Infrastructure Practice Group is a world leader in recruiting every kind of infrastructure expertise, from big-ticket project financing specialists to world-class engineering, procurement and construction executives. For ports, airports, hospitals, toll roads, utilities and other civil projects, IIC Partners knows the people who know how to get the job done — anywhere in the world. For global infrastructure equity investors, operating companies, investment banks and project- and leveraged-finance bankers, we provide 360-degree recruiting services, covering transport, utilities and social infrastructure, as well as financial services.

With offices in London, Paris, Munich, New York, Toronto, Santa Monica, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne, our Infrastructure core team has completed more than 200 recruiting assignments in this highly specialized field. To connect with IIC Partners’ infrastructure experience and market intelligence, please contact the nearest core team member.

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