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Higher Education

The leadership of academic institutions is a challenging and highly specialized field. It calls for a wide range of skills to balance academic, research, teaching,, fundraising and a myriad of rapidly-evolving educations issues. Leaders in higher educations must also meet the needs and expectations of a variety of distinct communities and stakeholder groups, both internal and external.

Finding and securing high-calibre leaders with the personal and professional characteristics to match a school’s mission is imperative to ensuring success. It’s a task that requires the counsel of a search partner with specialized experience and expertise.

IIC Partners’ Higher Education search practice brings together experienced professionals in key locations, worldwide, who are regularly engaged in to conduct search assignments for Presidents, Provosts, Chancellors, Deans and Vice President of leading institutions.

We know from experience that broad institutional goals are most effectively met through a careful process that is well defined and involves a wide range of constituents. To ensure the best long-term success, we take an integrated, comprehensive view on behalf of our client. We believe that a successful hiring initiative starts with deliberate assessments, thoughtful recruiting and a slate of tailored talent-management services in development, retention and succession planning.

Foundations for a successful search include:
  • assisting an institution to define its understanding of the new leader’s essential qualities and building consensus on which skills and areas of experience are truly required;
  • advising the search committee on designing a comprehensive search process that blends efficiency, confidentiality and inclusiveness to remove much of the homework from the shoulders of committee members throughout the process; and,
  • excelling in appropriate strategy development to target prospects and having the experience to accurately represent the opportunity and to confidentially approach potential candidates in order to cultivate interest at a high level.

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