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Energy Practice

Deregulation, globalization, market liberalization and environmental management - these and other forces are simultaneously changing the face of the energy industry as never before. Energy companies need world-class leadership to keep pace with the opportunities and demands of the 21st Century.

To find top executive and technical talent, energy companies need search consultants with global reach, local connections and genuine energy sector expertise. The IIC Partners Energy Practice Group has search professionals drawn directly from the industry and positioned in key energy capitals to provide immediate response to client requirements.

In Houston, London, Oslo, Moscow and Calgary - and with instant connections to more than 50 locations worldwide - IIC Partners has dedicated energy sector professionals able to recruit at the most senior levels, as well as with the experience to find and evaluate senior technical specialists.

Upstream oil and gas
Midstream operations, including LNG and pipelines
Downstream oil
Power generation and supply
Energy trading
Energy related finance, law and consultancy

IIC Partners Energy Group practitioners recruit across a wide range of roles, including board level appointments and strategic leadership, as well as senior management and technical positions in all career disciplines and business functions.

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