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Technology Practice

Technology and media have created the global economy and they drive the pace of change. No sector is faster-paced and none has wider scope. In the electronic age, virtually every company - in every sector of the economy - needs leaders who know technology.

Competitive companies need fast access to innovative talent, especially in the area of technology. They need leaders who can see and articulate the way forward - who know the difference between the latest techno-fads and emerging new business fundamentals.

The IIC Partners Technology Practice Group provides clients with the dual expertise of experienced executive search consultants who have worked in and served the technology sector worldwide for decades. And this core group of specialists is connected to colleagues in more than 50 major cities around the world. They serve technology-related leadership needs across the broad scope of industry as well as helping technology-based companies find the right executives to fill every kind of leadership role.

The core team serves early-stage, venture-backed start-ups, as well as large multinational companies. Their areas of expertise include:

Communication Systems
> network operations
> service providers
> wireless providers
> optical communications
Internet / E-commerce
Information Technology / CIOs
Hardware and Electronics
Professional Services

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