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Life Sciences Practice

The life sciences community is being challenged as never before - to keep pace with demographic change, advancing technology and increasing specialization.

At the same time, life science has become globalized, perhaps more than any other field, and especially at senior technical and executive levels.

To keep pace, leading organizations need world-class talent. To find that talent they need executive search professionals who understand the life sciences field and who are well connected throughout the life sciences community, locally, regionally and worldwide.

IIC Partners has created its Life Sciences Practice Group to meet these needs. This group is composed of senior executive search consultants with years of experience in recruiting for the life sciences. These dedicated specialists are in place in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas and linked by the latest technologies to share information and conduct searches efficiently and effectively.

This breadth of knowledge and connections enables IIC Partners health care specialists to execute assignments to senior levels, as well as across the spectrum of specialized disciplines.

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