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Your company: do you respect it?Your company: do you respect it?
I have always been interested in the relationship between an individual and the company he/she works for. There is no need to prove there is much in common between the two. To some extent a company is a living organism. Both the company and the employee have the date of birth. Both grow, advance in development and compete with peers.
Work Collective - the essential term in your Russian business vocabulary
Cliff Pendleton, former Human Resources Director at Unilever CIS, with whom I have been working closely and successfully for several years, told me once: "Russians are dangerous people. A western investor can be misled very easily in Russia.
Palmreading the Career Palmreading the Career
To start with, I must confess that I cannot tell fortunes, either on cards or by handreading. I am an Executive Search Consultant. And considering the essence of our business, I am also a specialist in Career Development.
Ode to MobilityOde to Mobility
While working on our assignments, we constantly face the issue of moving specialists across Russia. And we consider one of our strengths the ability to solve this problem through careful search planning and systematic approach. When laying out the Search Plan, we start with finding answers to following key questions...
Excellent Next Job or Perspective Career?Excellent Next Job or Perspective Career?
So far back in 1991-1992 many multinational companies entering the Russian market were setting the target of replacing expatriates in some 3 or maximum 5 years by local General Managers who were supposed to be coached to take care of their Russian operations. Yet it is easy to see that the present situation is different from the one so enthusiastically painted.
And They Lived Happily Ever After...And They Lived Happily Ever After...
Any company is always in need of good people. And the ones we are lucky to have one day may leave. So we must do everything to make them want to stay, or as HR slang goes, to retain them. But how can we do it? Is there some “golden rule” or a fail proof recipe to bond the best and the brightest to your company? Or is it something about their psychological profile that makes all the difference?
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