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Finding top executive talent for your organization depends on three capabilities: Local Knowledge, Industry Expertise, and Global Reach.

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IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide IIC Partners was formed in Europe during the mid-1980s, anticipating the needs of internationally competitive companies to access a world-class executive talent pool serving the emerging global economy.

Today, IIC Partners is placed among the top 10 global search organizations by revenue, with offices worldwide, providing instant access to leading nations. A global matrix of independent search firms, IIC Partners members are leaders in their local markets. They employ best practices to ensure consistency and excellence in every assignment. The Board of Directors is composed exclusively of working senior search professionals dedicated to client service and chosen to represent the diverse customs and business cultures of three regions - EMEA, the Americas and Asia/Pacific.

Client service is based on three core capabilities
> Local Knowledge
> Industry Expertise
> Global Reach

Local Knowledge
No matter how widely you search, local knowledge is indispensable in the hunt for executive talent. You need search professionals who know the languages, the cultures and the facts behind the headlines of the relevant local markets. You need the acumen of experienced professionals working on their home turf. Each IIC Partners office is an independent business, run by professionals with years of experience in their home markets.

Industry Expertise
It's essential to work with consultants who have a comprehensive knowledge of your industry - locally, regionally and globally. You need search professionals who understand your industry, your corporate culture and the special skill sets vital to strategic positions in your organization. You need search consultants who know where to find the talent to match your needs. IIC Partners maintains and constantly develops this vital sectoral expertise through nine practice groups:

> Board Search
> Consumer & Retail
> Energy
> Financial Services
> Higher Education
> Industrial
> Infrastructure
> Life Sciences
> Technology

Each practice group is a global network of IIC Partners search professionals with extensive experience, gained both by working in that specific sector and in serving its executive talent requirements.

Global Reach
IIC Partners is structured to deploy local knowledge and industry expertise simultaneously at several locations around the world. Today, there is one global economy, and whether your company operates globally, nationally or locally, it must be equipped to compete against the best in the world. Whether your executive search is local or international, IIC Partners is structured to find the world-class talent you need to succeed in the global economy.
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